FROM KENYA TO PHILIPPINES BUT STILL DOING CHIPS FUNGA (mkenya ni mkenya hata ende wapi lazima elete ufisi)

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in 80s when there was no digital cameras with my pilipino friend angelo


When I was in Los Banos, Laguna in Philipines  (msinione hivihivi, mimi nimetembea hii dunia), I had this opportunity when I was in form one, due to school fees problem I spent the first holyday working in TARDA Irrigation scheme in Gamba as a casual employee using my dad’s I.D, due to my sharpness I the Japanese Farm Manager Mr. M. KOUYAMA appointed me as the foreman (si nlijiskia sukari) later Mr. E.L Aragon also a Japanese I ask me if I will except to go to Philippines for three months to study rice production at International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) . nani mimi ni katae? I drop out of school, the next term I didn’t report to madogo secondary school but I traveled to Philippines.  I wish goodbye my girl friend Helen, like any African woman she has this to say “chungu usije ukaona ngozi nyeupe ukanisahau, I responded  by telling her “wewe ni my number one” she smiled.

I was the only black student at the institute I was very popular, I was always surrounded by a group of students asking me about Animals, weather, etc, I learned some words like NIHA? Meaning how are you? Also I had great friend his named ANGELO REY

One day   some students approached me  then introduced themselves in Pilipino , I told them I don’t speak pilipino, they switched to broken English, kindly note that most youth in Asian counties are being forced to enrol in English classes so they can do business or work in English speaking countries.
They asked me which country i came from, I told them Kenia, they were so delighted to meet me, they thought I was a wakimbiaji, in fact they wanted me to go for marathon competitions, they asked me about David Rudisha, Kipchoge Keino among other renown Kenyan athletes, they then asked us how comes Kenyans are good at running, I explained to them that Kenya has three communities that are good at running, the pokomos (wazugu mpaka uadanganye ndio ukule bonga points) the Kalenjins and Maasais, I further told them that those regions are less developed so schools are far away from pupil’s homes, so they had to run for 5 kilometers to school and 5 kilometers back home. I also told them those people live in wildlife infested areas, so when they are send to shops by parents, a lion or leopard could chase them away, so they have to run away from the beasts to save their own lives.
The students were so happy to hear my answers, I then whispered to my best friend Angelo Rey (alkua ananifuatafuata akijichocha kua na rafiki makaa kaa mimi) “where I could locate a brothel in that city?”, he told me not to worry, that I could have his girlfriend Mariel Mae since she would be happy to sleep with a totally black African man, later it turns to be habit whenever Mr. John wants to dive in a pool I would rush to Mariel and help myself. But still I spend some time in the brothels on weekends when Angelo and Mariel were together.

After three month nkarud



Fredy Matiba is a blogger at the above story is not a true story, names of people mention and place are just imagination of the writer.


NRM’s General Miguna Miguna’s Statement from Dubai International Airport, March 29, 2018

By.   Dr. Miguna Miguna

I am at the passenger waiting area at the Dubai International Airport.

I have gone through basic tests which have confirmed that I was forcefully placed aboard EK722 Emirates Airline flight from Nairobi to Dubai that arrived this morning.
About 50 heavily armed thugs led by the uniformed Somali policeman who had commanded them on Monday, violently broke into the toilet I had been detained incommunicado in at the Jomo Kenyatta Airport, didn’t identify themselves, wrestled me to the ground, held onto and sat on me as a group of four different thugs injected substances to both my soles, arms, hands, both sides of my ribs and basically all over my body until I passed out.
Today, at around 5:25am, after the Emirates had landed and passengers were disembarking, I regained consciousness and asked a person seated next to me who also appeared like a flying squad officer, “where are we?” He told me that we were in Dubai.
Three burley men dressed in Air Emirates yellow reflector jackets approached me and rudely demanded that I disembark from the plane. The most obnoxious one introduced himself as “Njihia”, he claimed that a bunch of loose papers he held in his hands were my “documents.”
I explained to him that I wouldn’t go anywhere with him; that he didn’t have my valid Kenyan passport and that he is a criminal who had not only abducted, drugged and forcefully removed me from Kenya against my will and in violation of numerous court orders.
I told the Air Emirates crew that flying an unconscious and drugged man like me from Kenya to Dubai without any documents was a criminal act.
Despite their desperate attempts to force me to the police station and/immigration department at Dubai, I refused and demanded to see a medical doctor.
After much wrangling, I was granted access to a doctor who conducted basic medical tests and confirmed my story. Additional toxicology tests would require exiting the airport, which I can only do with my valid Kenyan passport – a document the despots illegality confiscated and destroyed in violation of Justice Kimaru’s order.
I have severe pain on the left side of my chest, my left wrist, my right elbow and my feet. I believe that the despots must have injected me with noxious substances.
Anyway, I have made it crystal clear to the United Arab Emirates immigration authorities that I cannot and will not fly anywhere with them except to Kenya.
I have refused to leave the international section of the airport.
I will and must return to Kenya as a Kenyan citizen by birth as various courts have ordered.
The Honourable Justice Odunga issued an order on March 28th that convicted Matiang’i, Kihalangwa and Boinett among others of criminal contempt and ordered that they appear before that court for sentencing today at 10:00am. Justice Odunga also ordered that I be released unconditionally and to attend court today at 10:00am.
I had planned to give a victim impact statement during Matiang’i’s, Kihalangwa’s and Boinett’s sentencing by Justice Odunga. I hope that I will be given a chance to do so soonest.
I am innocent man. My only crimes are that I swore Raila Odinga in as The People’s President on January 30, 2018; I head the National Revolutionary Movement (NRM) in order to bring electoral justice, end bad governance and accountability in governance and we are determined to remove the despots from their illegitimate positions of power!
As I return to Kenya either today or tomorrow, I strongly encourage all patriotic Kenyans to remain firm, focused and fearless in the face of an outlaw, authoritarian and illegitimate regime of Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto..
The despots must fall.
No retreat! No surrender!
Forward ever!
NRM General, Miguna Miguna
Dubai International Airport
March 29, 2018.


To day i will share sites by pokomo bloggers, aki we are blessed.

1. at the moment this is most popular pokomo video posted on YouTube, the site admin is Major (rtd) Hassan Morowa former head of security KPA, former Mombasa county security advisor (not sure if he is still holding that position) am told he is also author. kama wapenda kitoko click uangalie, usikose kulike na kucomment. HONGERA MZEE, i respect you alot.

2. i am the admin of the site, i have posted hundreds articles. sita sema mengi ingia ujisomee.

3. the admin of the site is Ibrahim HbgMj Morowa namrespect huyu jamaa sana, i would rank him kwa kina league ya CYPRIAN NYAKUNDI, do you know why, after the general election most bloggers walikosa cha kupost but cyprian posted everyday on different topics, the same to ibra, after election he stated recipe blog licha ya kua na blog ya siasa yenye sai haiko active, salute you bro.

4. the site admin is Timna Komora honestly he should be the first in this post given that she is the only female blogger in this post, but am sorry. we wont forget she is youth leader. Madam kindly naomba hii site yako ikue active. kama wapenda vitu na leadership na pokomo affairs tembelea io site huta boeka.

5. the site admin is Modidinho Albushra Moroa he is a good story teller blessed with vocabulary, we eagerly waiting for his novel,

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Lawyer Prof. PLO Lumumba accuses Tom Wolf of using polls to destabilize the country. He asks Wolf why he is polling about 2022 when the 2017 govt is not yet fully convened.

plo letter

Prof PLO Lumumba has written to IPSOS Synovate CEO Tom Wolf accusing him of using unnecessary polls to destabilize the country. The High court Advocate questioned the Ipso boss for releasing 2022 presidential opinion polls when Kenyans are yet to settle after the 2017 election.


PLO Lumumba said the untimely move to release such opinion polls are premature and would poison the minds of Kenyans and subsequently arouse ethnic animosity.


LAWYER AND Nasa activist Miguna Miguna lands in Dubai, UAE, after he was, for the second time, deported from Kenya against 3 High Court orders. #MigunaDeportedAgain


Self-declared ‘general’ of National Resistance Movement (NRM)  Miguna Miguna has revealed that he was drugged and handcuffed before being whisked to an Emirates flight to Dubai. In his first Facebook post on arrival in Dubai He wrote on his Facebook page that he was sickly.

Miguna disclosed that one Mr. Njihia was threatening because he had refused to board a flight to London insisting that the only flight he would take would be to Nairobi and that he was a Kenyan citizen. He said that he needed medical attention



“I was dragged, assaulted, drugged and forcefully flown to Dubai,” he posted.

“I woke up in Dubai and the despots are here insisting that I must travel on to London.”

He added, “I’m sick. My ribs and body is hurting all over. This is a travesty of justice! I need medical treatment. I need urgent help here.”

Dr Miguna accused an officer he only identified as Mr Njihia of “threatening” him and remained adamant that he would not leave the airport.

“I want to take a flight only to Nairobi. Nowhere else!”

Lawyer Cliff Ombeta, who represented Dr. Miguna Miguna has confirmed  ‘ claims that he was drugged before being deported to Dubai on Wednesday night.

on Wednesday night claimed that his client “was sedated, handcuffed and taken away”.

The lawyers had gone to the airport to serve court orders directing his release when they were roughed up. The lawyer on Thursday morning said he is very sick and needs urgent medical attention.


Some sources claimed the exit of Dr Miguna was facilitated by Canada.

“Canada was strict on flying rules which he obeyed,” the source told the Nation.

The lawyer holds Canadian citizenship and has denied government claims that he acquired it after ceasing to be a Kenyan in 1998.

Dr Miguna, who ran for Nairobi governorship in Kenya’s August 8, 2017 General Election and has two homes, one in the capital and the other in Nyando, Kisumu County, insists he is a Kenyan by birth.

Advocates have vowed to to resume the yellow ribbon campaign to protest the unlawful removal of Miguna Miguna.

Earlier reports had indicated that Miguna had voluntarily and calmly boarded the flight, reports that were refuted by his pool of lawyers

Justice Odunga had ordered for the unconditional release of the lawyer who was being held incommunicado at terminal 2 toilet for 72 hours. He also ordered CS Matiang’i, Dr Kihalangwa and IG Boinet to appear in court for sentencing. He said that CS Matiang’i was notorious for disobeying court orders.


Amnesty International has criticised Kenyan authorities’ refusal to let lawyer Miguna Miguna into the country to participate in his case.

In a statement, Amnesty International Kenya’s Executive Director Irungu Houghton said: “The way Miguna was treated showed blatant disregard for his human rights, after the High Court ordered that he be allowed to re-enter the country.”

He also condemned the police attack on journalists as they covered the Miguna saga at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA), Nairobi.

“The Kenyan Government must also respect and protect the right to freedom of expression and allow journalists to freely report on the case without harassment, intimidation or attacks,” Mr Houghton said.

The continuous disregard for court orders and attacks on the media, he added, is steadily eroding the rule of law and weakening human rights safeguards in Kenya.

“The authorities must reverse these concerning trends and ensure that Miguna Miguna is allowed to enter his own country and be present at his hearing,” he said.

“They must also launch a thorough, independent and impartial investigation into the unlawful use of force by the police to prevent journalists from doing their job.”


Northern white rhino: Last male Sudan dies in Kenya

The Last Male Northen White Rhino dies
The world’s last male northern white rhino, age 45, is dead.
Sudan died at Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya on Tuesday as he was being treated for age-related complications that led to degenerative changes in muscles and bones combined with extensive skin wounds.
According to a press statement from the conservancy his condition worsened significantly in the last 24 hours and was unable to stand up and was suffering a great deal.
The veterinary team from the Dvůr Králové Zoo, Ol Pejeta and Kenya Wildlife Service made the decision to euthanize him.
“Sudan will be remembered for his unusually memorable life. In the 1970s, he escaped extinction of his kind in the wild when he was moved to Dvůr Králové Zoo. Throughout his existence, he significantly contributed to survival of his species as he sired two females,” said the statement
Additionally, the doctors collected his genetic material and provide a hope for future attempts at reproduction of northern white rhinos.


Rhinoceroses – of which there are five species – are the second-largest land mammal after elephants. The white rhinoceros consists of two sub-species: the southern white rhino and the much rarer and critically endangered northern white rhino.

Sudan, who was the equivalent of 90 in human years, was the last surviving male of the rarer variety after the natural death of a second male in late 2014.

The subspecies’ population in Uganda, Central African Republic, Sudan and Chad was largely wiped out during the poaching crisis of the 1970s and 1980s. Poaching was fuelled by demand for rhino horn for use in traditional Chinese medicine, and for dagger handles in Yemen.

The last few dozen By 2008, the northern white rhino was considered extinct in the wild, according to WWF, the global environment campaign

What To Do If Your Spouse Cheats On You: Handling The Pain Of Unfaithfulness



Cheating, even with how heartbreaking it is, has unfortunately become a common phenomenon in relationships. In a perfect world, no one would cheat and relationships would have a complete season of bliss, devoid of suspicion and unfaithfulness but alas, welcome to reality. You know, I was a bit confused at first, as to how to coin my topic. I was stuck between using ‘when’ and ‘if’ but I opted for ‘if’ in my topic because it felt less pessimistic.

It is widely believed that the men are more guilty of this ‘sin’. In fact, for some ladies, its a big red flag in a relationship. The argument is that ‘Men are biologically polygamous. Funny or truth? Thats a question for you to answer.However, both men and women are guilty of cheating. On a lighter note, some have even argued that cheating in a relationship should be a vocabulary reserved only for married folks, because as far as they are concerned you cant possibly cheat on someone who you are not married to but thats a bone of contention for another day.

In trying to dissect the topic of cheating, a young man once said cheating doesn’t only involve sexual intercourse, that exchanging sex mesages, pornography etc should also count for cheating. However you decide to look at it, it goes without saying that cheating has led to the break up of so many marriages. So what do you do in the event that you catch your partner cheating. Here are a few suggestions on possible steps you should take if you find out your partner cheated.


Cheating can have a very adverse effect onus because of the emotions involved. Thus, this can prompt you to want to spin things around, break one or things here and there but there really is no need for all that. I realise that it may hurt more than you can probably imagine but try and take a deep breath and be calm. You can cry all you want but let it stop at that.

Get Your Facts Right

As a stupid as this may sound, it is very necessary. Sometimes we get to jump into conclusions probably because we saw a text on our partner’s phone or someone told us they saw our partner in one place or the other. Before approaching your partner without an accusation, be sure of what you’re saying because in the event that you approach your partner with this accusation and you’re wrong, you would have ended up damaging the trust in the relationship. As you may already know, trust once broken is hard to repair. I’m not asking you to become a detective overnight but be sure of what you’re thinking. For example, you see a certain person coming down from your partner’s vehicle, do not conclude just yet. You need first be sure of certain points like, the frequency of such occurrence and is it always just the two of them etc.

Seek To Understand

Now you have some of your facts out but yiu need to 100% sure of what you’re dealing with and one way to do this is to confront your partner with your facts. Now this is where a lot of folks get it wrong. They confront their partners with the rod of judgement, which most often than not fails woefully. I know your partner messed up but at this point it won’t help to get all judgemental with them because it would further withold the truth. Now, there really is no guarantee that they would come completely clean but at least you would know you’ve been as reasonable as you can in trying to get the truth out.


Have A Sober Reflection

Now, I once heard a woman say that for her if her man cheats, she would rather take a walk than try and find out the truth from him or even reflect over the issue. She opines that the process of truth finding and refelection is all aimed at trying to find out what role She played in making her man cheat. I understand her point, however, sometimes we do things that force our partner into the arms of another person and if we dont seek to at least find out how we may have been culpable in the whole issue, we may find the same scenario playing out in out next relationship.

Avoid the temptation of Social Media Spilling

With the growing influence of social media, a lot of people seem to be quick to put out their problems on social media. This trend has been growing at a very scary rate and it has, in most cases, worsened the problems in relationships. Truthfully, I’m yet to hear of any relationship issue that was resolved by puuting your problems on public display. If possible, keep your phone away from you. One way to avoid the temptation of posting stuff on social media is to try and have friends around you during this trying period. They would come in very handy.

Go For A Medical Check Up

Depending on the form of cheatinf, it is advisable that you go for a medical check uo to be sure that you are free from any form of sexually transmitted disease. This is because you don’t the condition of the person your partner is cheating with.

Seek Help

Seeking help from a relationship expert is a great step to take in the healing process. Healing would not take place in a flash and that’s pretty normal. You could also seek help from either a family member or a friend but to get the most unbiased view, its always best to seek help from a professional, who is unattached to the event and would likely give tell you the unvarnished truth about what step you shoukd take.

Make A Decision

At this point, you have to take a decision on what the future holds for your relationship. Cheating could occur as a result of several reasons, so its always better to know why before taking a decision. For example, a man could cheat if his wife is not able to get pregnant and a woman could cheat if her husband is impotent. So, you have to be able to look at the issue practically and take an informed decision. After learning the truth and getting help from experts, family and friends, the buck stops at your table. You have decide whether you would be willing to forgive

your partner and let this pass. Would you be able to leave with someone who you know has cheated on you? Its a personal question you must answer. There are several other factors to consider when arriving at a decision like how long you’v been in the relationship or marriage, do you guys have kids together, do you have somewhere you can go from there, are you willing to remain single again etc. All these are more are pertinent questions you must ask yourself before taking a decision. You must not rush into taking a decision just yet.
No one prays to have a partner who would cheat but thats just the same way no one prays to die. If you find out that your partner, in order to reduce the effect of the pain a little bit, you may decide to get away for a while but a the fact that a person cheated once doesnt make him/her a serial cheater. You know they say absence makes the heart grow fonder, who knows that may just work for you. I always believe people make mistakes and should be given the benefit of doubt, except in a case where they refuse to own up to their mistake.